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Pressure. Pressure to perform. Pressure to provide. Pressure to conform. By any means necessary, men are expected to carry out their societal expectations… oftentimes carrying an incessant amount of pressure. Today is a day you take a break from the pressure. Rest your head. Rest your mind. Eliminate the pressure and expectations which you’ve maintained […]

Everything that’s about to come (Talk Show, Online Videos, Books, Magazines & more) has been a long time in the making. I have been through hell – an 8 year journey of the most painful, emotional and mental debilitation one could never think was possible. But it is possible, and more than possible, for me […]

Relationship Talk Mag is the beginning slate for the online magazine which will become the resource for eye-opening and healthy relationship insights. Our seasoned writers share a collage of short stories, insights, and advice on a range of relationship topics for Men, Women, Singles, Married Couples, Teens, Separated and Divorced. In other words, everyone finds […]

There’s something about the Koala Bear that makes us go “awwwW”. Does your spouse elicit the same feelings? Maybe in the past, but not anymore?