To The Men…Release the Pressure

Pressure. Pressure to perform. Pressure to provide. Pressure to conform. By any means necessary, men are expected to carry out their societal expectations… oftentimes carrying an incessant amount of pressure.

Today is a day you take a break from the pressure. Rest your head. Rest your mind. Eliminate the pressure and expectations which you’ve maintained so well for so long. Today, you rest. Take a break. I promise the world will be okay for  a few moments without you.

Life. It’s to be enjoyed. It’s about living, about feeling the breeze, feeling the sweat on your brow as you strain to climb the rock. We pursue goals, experiences, and lifestyles which fulfill us. Unfortunately, many of us get off track and instead of pursuing fulfilling goals, we pursue those which afford the finer things in life…and yes, the finer things are very, very good.

But there’s more! The joy of experiencing life, work, and partnership living everyday better than yesterday. YES! This is life! This is living!

Many are not living this way. Instead of joy, they’re unhappy, sometimes miserable. And this is why you need rest.

REST to uncover WHY you are unhappy.
REST to uncover what got you there.
REST so you can “hear” the plan to get you on the right track. This may take a while. Patience Grasshopper, Patience.
And REST, as the plan unfolds to fruition.

Rest good man. While you grind, provide & perform, be sure to take time to Rest. Rest. Rest.


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