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Does the actual article post or only a link? Advertisements


Everything that’s about to come (Talk Show, Online Videos, Books, Magazines & more) has been a long time in the making. I have been through hell – an 8 year journey of the most painful, emotional and mental debilitation one could never think was possible. But it is possible, and more than possible, for me […]

Hello world!

Relationship Talk Mag is the beginning slate for the online magazine which will become the resource for eye-opening and healthy relationship insights. Our seasoned writers share a collage of short stories, insights, and advice on a range of relationship topics for Men, Women, Singles, Married Couples, Teens, Separated and Divorced. In other words, everyone finds […]

Is Your Spouse as Cute as a Koala Bear?

There’s something about the Koala Bear that makes us go “awwwW”. Does your spouse elicit the same feelings? Maybe in the past, but not anymore?